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Shamanic Trips to Peru

Jourey to Peru with us in 2016 for a magical spiritual & shamanic adventure.

The Green Tara College shamanic community join with Wake & Kinlen www.sacredpathways.us to bring together the traditional work of the ancient Andean Qero shamanic traditions of Peru with our own Celtic traditions where the two hearts of both lands speak a very familiar and sacred language.

We invite you to join us in this unique opportunity to work with true, open, real indigenous shaman eager to help the world by sharing their unique initations and knowledge. Let the spirit of the mountains and the traditions take your deepest self on this vision quest of deep inner knowing, healing, wisdom and beauty.

Passage to Peru: Follow your Heart's Calling to Cusco, The Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu

July, 2016

Special Co-Creators:
Majella Fagan, Green Tara College, Ireland & Wake and Kinlen Wheeler - Sacred Pathways

Click here for Peru flyer pdf

Sacred Valley Peru 2014Peru is a mystical land, where Mountains soar over 20,000 ft, where condors fly, and stones speak.
It is home to the Q'ero shaman who link us to our heritage as indigenous souls and Creators.
Join us in ceremony with the Q'ero indigenous shaman as part of your Destiny and Heart's Calling.
Be a part of the evolving consciousness of the planet as we reach into new awareness and harmony.
Be received by the ancient site of Machu Picchu, one of the new Seventh Wonders of the World and other uniquily individual sites in the Sacred Valley.

Your journey will begin long before you take your seat on the plane. You may find yourself dreaming, receiving visions and messages, as soon as you make the decision to come.

Peru's Sacred Valley holds the sweet energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth in Quechua). You will feel her embrace as soon as you land. She will hold your footsteps steady as you get used to the altitude. And wrap you in community and an internal sense of family.

You will be greeted by the Q'ero shaman of the high Andes.
You will offer ceremony on the Sacred Sites of the Inca. You will visit the bustling markets, the weaving communities, and eat the pure foods of this simple farming land.

Q'ero Shaman in Peru

Trip organisers:

Wake & Kinleen Wheeler USA & Peru.
Majella Fagan Ireland

Your Guides in Peru www.sacredpathways.us

Wake and Kinleen Wheeler guides to Peru 2014Wake and Kinlen Wheeler have been leading sacred journeys to Peru for the past 10 years. Known for their supportive facilitation, intimate knowing of the sites, as well as the energy medicine of the Andes. We invite you to join the circle going to Peru in 2014.

Wake and Kinlen Wheeler create a journey of depth and authenticity, leading groups in Peru, Europe, and Mexico.

They are known for their ability to:
• Weave spiritual experience with participants, local shaman, and native people.
• Create ceremony in world class, as well as, intimate, rustic sites.
Support each individual’s personal pathway of growth and enrichment.

Passage To Peru: Heart's Calling

Don Fransisco Qero Shaman Heart's Calling to Peru 2014Over 20,000 feet, where the condors fly and stones speak.

This journey of transformation will deepen your personal medicine as you :

Share in ceremony with the Q’ero Shaman
Receive the Great Rites in the traditional land
Learn the energy medicine of Despacho
Visit ancient sites and sacred mountains, including Machu Picchu
Vision through ceremonial fires and dreamtime
The Sacred Mountains of Peru are calling.
Join us for this beautiful, life changing, Journey and let the palpable energy of the Andes propel your Destiny.

DATES: July, 2016

Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, & Machu Picchu,   July, 2016

This journey is designed for people following a spiritual or shamanic path.  We will be receiving the transformational energy medicine of:  
•  The Great Rites from the Q’ero shaman and a Journey of Enlightenment
•  Individual and group Despacho ceremony
•  Fire ceremony under the southern night’s sky     
•  Andean textiles and stones
You will be working with the indigenous Shaman to connect our celtic traditions as a gift to the Peruvian traditions.

Machu Picchu

All woven into our time together, and  into the  growing of our personal medicine.

Day 1

Arrive in Cuzco, settling, drink 1-2 cups of coca tea if desired.  5 pm group meeting in the Lobby, and dinner near hotel.

Day 2

Morning tour of the Coricancha, energetic center of the Inca realm.  Visit the Mountain of Sacsayhuaman, Sanctuary of Lightning, overlooking Cuzco, and Opening ceremony with the Q’ero shaman.

Day 3

Sacred Peruvian Mountain SacsayhuamanExperience Killa Rumiyok, a charming ancient site with towering natural stones, rushing waters, and one of the America’s few lunar calendars. Become part of the fertile valley, celebrate in traditional despacho ceremony.

Day 4

Visit Chincheros Weaving Community with Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez, creator of the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cuzco.  Celebrate the rebirth of the ancient Andean weaving tradition.  These are some of Peru’s finest weavers.   Enjoy a traditional Peruvian lunch, before heading off to Pisac’s famous market with stones, crystals, textiles, jewelry.  Evening Fire Ceremony at our beautiful retreat center, with views of Pisaq site.

Day 5

Climb the stairways of the Incas.  Pisac offers a huge mountain site with trails, temples, and timeless secrets.  We will begin at the top fountains, and enjoy the golden falcons living in the burial cliffs near by.  Explore the buildings and walkways, until we find the perfect place for co-creative ceremony.

Day 6

Experience the amazing circular terraces and sanctuary of Moray.  This is an agricultural sacred site where grains and fruits were raised for experimental and ceremonial use.  Flanked by the great Apus (Mountains) and the glacier field of Chigon.  Feel the energy at the center, which has been described as a vortex and the womb of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Day 7

Sacred Ceremony in Peru with mother earthEnter the Inca community of Ollantaytambo where the houses and streets remain in use since Inca times.  An ancient aqueduct churns water through the streets.  The mountainside site has some of the largest, most finely crafted stones and walls in all of Peru.  Consider lying on one of the stones and taking a Spirit Journey.

Day 8

Relaxing spa day.  Create your special day.  Enjoy our beautiful hotel grounds, schedule a message, taxi to Urubamba and visit the world renowned artist Seminario and/or receive an individual despacho with the Q’ero shaman. Pack and prepare for Machu Picchu

Day 9

Early train to Machu Picchu, to arrive in time to explore the site in the afternoon light, just as most tourists are leaving.  We’ll see all the classic structures with fewer people.  Dinner at one of many restaurants in Aguas Callente.

Day 10

Return to Machu Picchu for sunrise, and options for climbing andmeditating in the energy of the site.  Visit the Sun Gate, the Inca Bridge, or climb to the top of Huayna Picchu peak, where a spectacular view of mountains awaits (special tickets are needed for this hike).  Return train to Ollantatambo.

Day 11

Participant receiving sacred ancient shamanic healing rites PeruTaking the journey home, for those leaving, there will be a bus to transfer you and your luggage to the Cuzco airport, and return flights, to depart no earlier than 1pm.

Your Guides

Wake and Kinlen Wheeler create a journey of depth and authenticity, leading groups in Peru, Europe, and Mexico.
They are known for their ability to:
• Weave spiritual experience with participants, local shaman, and native people.
• Create ceremony in world class, as well as, intimate, rustic sites.
• Support each individual’s personal pathway of growth and enrichment.

Fees for trip in Peru (travel not included)


$2,840 Per person, - US dollars includes travel and accommodation in Peru

Please register online at: http://www.sacredpathways.us

For further information contact: kinlen@sacredpathways.us

From Ireland
The Green Tara group offer the opportunity of travelling together from Ireland.

Special Peru Trip Preparation
We will be offering ceremony and working to connect our sacred Boyne Valley sites with thoese we visit in Peru to continue a beautiful connection. For people who wish we will be getting together to do personal and group prepartion work also

Questions & Answers:

How do I book this trip?
Contact Kinlen wheeler at kinlen@sacredpathways.us for details of booking. You must book directly with sacredpathways

When you have secured your place email majella@holistic-training.com and we will add you to our moodle peru trip page where we will all share information etc.

I have never done anything like this before can I come along?

Absolutely you do not need any previous knowledge or experience this trip is open to everybody

How will the Irish group organize travel?
Thoses who are travelling will get together and research and find the most convenient and cost effective means of travel. Each individual will then be responsible for booking their own seats on the flights that we agree upon

I would like to learn a little about shamanism before I go along how do I do this?
Take any of the green tara college introduction to shamanism days. Join us at Green Tara College for the drumming circles and celtic ceremonies. We have especially trained with the Quero shaman and work to connect all shamanic lineages and traditions creatively with our own celtic powerful landscape.

What is your suggestion for the best prepartion for the trip if I would like to prepare?
I believe that attending ceremonies and taking part in this years shamanic medicine wheel would be an ideal and amazing way to opening you up to getting the most out of the trip.

If I decide not to take the medicine wheel what else is available?
Majella will be offering Peru trip preparation classes and ceremonies to help us all prepare and set our intentions if we wish before the trip

Do I need to do personal preparation before the Trip?
Absolutely not, the trip itself is a wonderful enlightening experience and you may be happy to join us and be open to the wonderous gifts and learning that will come to you.

What level of fitness do I need?
No fitness level activity is required for this trip but there are suggestions for preparing for the high altitude as follows:

Wake & Don F invite you with open hearts to join us in Peru 2014

Our aim is to offer you excellent training at the highest standard in a personal supportive way. We operate an open door policy and our commitment is to help you in any way we can to achieve your goals and dreams.

Qero Shaman in Peru


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